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Background Check interview with Corra Group about Ryan Jenkins

Apr 19, 2010 - 4:42 pm

CanalPlus, a french film cable news channel, interviewed Los Angeles Based Corra Group Background Screening about Ryan Jenkins and problems studios have running background checks on reality television stars. The vido is overdubbed in French, but you can hear the guys from Corra talking in English.

Background Checks for Film and Television Production Companies

Apr 16, 2010 - 10:22 am

In response to Corra Group’s recent inteview with French television news station CanalPlus, Corra has prepared three background screening packages specifically for the film and television industry, ideally suited for screening Reality television contestants, production company staff, as well as film production financial partners.  Protecting your investment has never been more important, as reality television contestants are placed in intimate contact with each other pose a significant risk to the investors should a criminal activity on the set lead to lawsuits and negative publicity. 

The watershed moment was Ryan Jenkins, who allegedly murdered his wife and was a contestant on reality show “Megan wants a Millionaire”  Jenkins passed an initial background check, apparently due to a Canadian court clerk missing filed cases.  Canada has since revised its background checking policies and tightened up it’s Canadian screening policies.

Corra’s entertainment industry background check packages are the Prime Time Package, a basic introductory package, the “Red Carpet Package”, and “The Industry Package” each provides an increasing level of screening and helps studios screen different strata of employees and contestants.

Connecticut Driving Records MVRs now available instantly

Mar 12, 2010 - 4:09 pm

Connecticut driver abstracts or MVRS (motor vehicle records) are now available instantly directly from the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles for employment screening and insurance purposes.  Records include 3 Years of Moving Violations, 10 years for driving under the influence, evading responsibility and driving under suspicion.  Driver’s license suspensions are always reported and are not removed until the license is reinstated. 

Motor Vehicle Record searches are a valuable component of your complete employee background check, including criminal record searches, drug testing, credit reports, and more.  Corra Group allows you to screen your entire fleet, and continue to run random motor vehicle records and drug testing during each year.  Connecticut drivers are ideally situated for most freight and transportation hauls from the East Coast.   Run your motor vehicle record abstracts today.

Guam Motor Vehicle Records now available!

Feb 26, 2010 - 5:17 pm

Corra Group is now offering Guam Driving Records (Motor Vehicle Records) through their state of the art software delivery system.  Adding motor vehicle recordssearches to your background check program will provide you with greater insight into your job applicant’s civic behavior and fiscal responsibility.  DUIs are reported, where sometimes they do not appear on a nationwide criminal search or a county criminal search.  Driving Records are required for certain compliance related hiring. 

Holders of Guam driver’s licenses are residents of Guam, and can include contractors on the island as well as United State Military workers.  Screening your candidate’s Guam driving record can assist in uncovering moving violations that would otherwise remain hidden. 

Guam driving records take approximately 10 to 15 business days to process and return

For more information review motor vehicle record services on Corra’s website,

Criminal Checks for International Candidates

Jan 29, 2010 - 6:28 pm

Whether your contractor meeting government compliance or a firm looking to protect your reputation, it’s a good idea to run background checks on your international experienced hires.  Although more costly than screening US Citizens, you will save money in the long term by protecting your brand and reducing any exposure to negligent hiring lawsuits.   

So, what do you do next? It’s important to work with a company that has experience screening international candidates.  If you are frequently hiring analysts and project managers out of India, its important to run India criminal background checksto make sure you aren’t sending a criminal to your client’s place of business.  

Verify International College Degrees
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Background Check Turnaround Time an Issue for Jails

Jan 17, 2010 - 5:17 pm

Turnaround times for background checks are an important issue for employers.  Human Resources manager are anxious to onboard new hires and get them into the pipeline.   Background checks are sometimes streamlined or sidelines altogether in order to fulfill a hiring need.   A recent article about Luzerne County Correctional Facility is a lesson in what not to do.    The warden admitted that in at least four situations, employees were put to work before their background checks were returned.  And the background checks arrived on average of 56 days after the employee’s first day of work.   Also, the background check results were claimed to provide little information beyond what is already available online.   They appear to be using an public access Pennsylvania terminal for their criminal records checks, and handwritten interview questions for their education verifications and employment verifications.

Canada Criminal Records searches for pre-employment screening

Nov 30, 2009 - 2:54 pm

Since the Ryan Jenkins Murder affair, there’s been much attention to the nuts and bolts of conducting background checks on job candidates from Canada.  How are they conducted?  Are they reliable? Can we trust the data we are receiving? Can we trust our vendor to oursource our background checks to an international researcher?  Can we trust the foreign courthouse to keep adequate records?

When hiring a background screening company to run background checks on international candidates, ask up front how the background check is conducted.  A professional screening company will conduct a check using their own resources or a thoroughly vetted vendor.   They will also advise you about the efficacy of running background checks in the particular county you are interested in.  For example, in Canada, conducting a Canadian Criminal Background Check can be accomplished by either running the nationwide CPIC search, offered through the Canadian Police Information Centre, or by conducting courthouse searches in the particular province where your candidate has resided.  With regard to Ryan Jenkins, there is some indication that a courthouse search was conducted and the records were not there.  If this is the case, then the court clerk possible missed the record and failed to provide it to the researcher.  It is worth considering the quality of record retention in the courthouse before conducting your search. 

As always, conduct a thorough background check on your candidates to provide a well rounded portrait.  Depending on the type of job your candidate is up for, consider reviewing motor vehicle records for driving related problems such as DUIs and credit reports for financial responsibility issues.  The more thorough portrait of your candidate you can achieve, the better you can evaluate their background to determine if it is a fit with your organization.

Pensacola naval air station conducting background checks on cabbies

Nov 1, 2009 - 3:34 pm

Pensacola naval air station is conducting background checks on local cabbies who pick up and drip military personnel from the air station. The cabbies are not happy about. According to a news article, approx 3 percent of cabbies have been denied due to felony criminal records, active warrants,sex offenses, or another nebulous category that seems to include antisocial behavior as deemed by the base commander.

Airport Security Guard accused of threatening Barack Obama passed background checks

Oct 27, 2009 - 8:28 am

According to a newsday article, a Newark airport security workers was arrested for allegedly making a shoot threat against President Barack Obama. He had been working for the security firm for six years, and had passed the mandatory FBI and 10 year employment background check.  The article goes on to suggest that the background check wasn’t enough, and that the employer should have conducted psychological tests on the candidate.  However, they conceded, “It’s very hard to know what people are actually thinking”  The arrested security guard was apparently overhead making threats against the President on a coffee break the day before the President was going to fly into Newark.

Recurring Background Screening
Usually a background check is a good indicator of future behavior, especially with regard to to anti-social behavior such as criminal activity or civil lack of fiduciary responsibility.  Sometimes an employee can come onto a job with a clean record.  However, as time goes on, your employee’s situation may change.  Its important to consider conducting additional background screening for your current employees, including those up for promotion.  Most trucking firms are required to evaluate driving records over time, as their driver’s driving habits may change.  It is worth considering what sort of background check might be worthwhile for your firm to re-screen employees.    Make sure you follow the requirements of the FCRA, and obtain permission from your employees to run background checks.

Protect your firm by running DUI background checks

Sep 15, 2009 - 2:31 pm

drunk-drivingA recent news article has Alton Mayor Tom Heochst instructing the police department to run background checks on “current employees who drive city vehicles who have lost their driver’s licenses because of DUI convictions. Anyone who turns up in the search with a suspended or revoked license – so far, two employees – is asked to sign an agreement to go on unpaid leave of absence.”

Background checks are a valuable tool for screening offer ready candidates.  They can also be used to screen active employees, as the city of Alton is starting to do.  Before you begin to expand your screening practice to including ongoing checks of your current workforce, make sure you are in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act.  You must always have your job applicants signed a consent and release form before running a background check.  If you are going to screen active employees, make sure that release form includes language giving you the right to screen again once the candidate has been hired.

Recurring Screening
Some contracts and DOT regulations require annual screening of your driver’s motor vehicle records.   Your driver may have had a clean driving record when they applied for the job, but after twelve months many things can change, including driving under the influence convictions, accidents, suspensions, etc.  Make sure you are in compliance with your contracts by conducting ongoing screening.  Your driver’s Motor Vehicle records can be accessed at Safeguard Screening in real time.  We provide data connections to 50 states Department Of Motor Vehicles.  Some states, like Florida, offer both 3 year and 7 year driver record reports.  Make sure you check with your client to determine what type motor vehicle record report you need.

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