Ottawa Police Service Budget swallowed by Background Checks

By | Apr 29, 2008

The Ottawa Sun reports that the Otttaw Police service is spending alot of their overtime budget on conducting background checks for volunteer organizations like the Ottawa Administrators of Volunteer Resources, Volunteer Ottawa and the city’s volunteer services. Each group wants the government to speed up the background check process. The police force is expecting to […]

United Arab Emirates UAE International Education Verification

By | Apr 24, 2008

According to, the UAE Ministry of Labour has stopped their educational degree verification system that has been used by ex-patriots at part of their job application process for working in UAE. The article doesn’t mention any reasons for abolishing the 2005 law, which was administered by the Minister of Labour. Perhaps the country is […]

Why you should conduct background checks on volunteers

By | Apr 23, 2008

PNN online has a piece about a troubling lack of background checks on volunteers by the nation’s nonprofit organizations. One in three U.S. nonprofit organizations conducts no background checks on volunteers, and roughly one in eight does no screening at all. Accordingly, two-thirds of all nonprofits are conducting some type of background screening for their […]

Pre Employment Screening is integral to your business

By | Apr 21, 2008 wrote an article about the effectiveness of the electronic I-9 program called E-Verify. From the perspective of an employer with a bunch of interchangeable potential hires, it’s most efficient to simply run everyone through the system and fail to hire people with problematic records. Pre-employment screening is illegal, but a study commissioned by the […]

Improve your employment screening practices

By | Apr 20, 2008

In-forum has an article about a North Dakota campus security guard named Moe Gibbs who killed a college student: Gibbs worked as a campus security guard and Barnes County jailer. A less thorough background check came up clean on Gibbs because it did not catch criminal history connected to his previous name. As with any […]

South African Employment Screening

By | Apr 17, 2008 has an article about the critical need for background checks and pre-employment screening in today’s working enviromnemt. companies cannot afford to be sidetracked by employee problems such as dishonesty, theft, false CVs, fraud or harassment. They address the financial cost of employee violence, ineptitude, shrinkage, and stolen inventory. This article proves again that the […]

Organizations running Background Checks

By | Apr 16, 2008

The Fresno Bee has an article about The Fresno Chamber of Commerce’s four year old policy of conducting background checks on political candidates before it endorses them. The organization’s president says the chamber would rather know before it supports a candidate if there is a reason not to. At issue is the organization’s request for […]

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