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South Korea Service Suspension

Aug 14, 2014 - 9:22 am

Please note that criminal background check searches out of South Korea are suspended until further notice. The courts changed their access policy and now require a case number in order to access court records. The recent legislation amended in the PIPA (Personal Information Protection Law) limits the collection and use of the Korean ID number which is necessary in order to complete a criminal search out of South Korea.

There has been significant legislative and administrative activity in the data protection field in South Korea recently. The Korean Personal Information Protection Act which took effect in 2011 regulates public and private sector processing of the personal information of individuals.

The latest update to the Act was released on 07 Aug 2014 and announced the intention to prohibit Resident Registration Numbers (KID) being collected and processed with an anticipated enforcement date of 6th February 2015.

The new notification update relates to restrictions on the management of the KID.There is significant confusion around this as other sections of the Act, allowing for the collection of the KID with consent have NOT been amended.

On the same date the Seoul District Courteffected a change to their court database (which is linked to the Korean Court Network) access , which in effect rendered it impossible to conduct a search on an individual within their database, which holds bankruptcy, civil litigation and criminal court case details.

Prior to 07 August a search of the Seoul District Court database could be made using an individual’s name and KID. Effective 07 August this access was removed and searching the database is only possible with a SPECIFIC case name and the individual’s name.There was NO notification of this change.

In summary effective 07 August 2014 verification of the status of an individual’s bankruptcy, civil litigation and criminal court case records is NO longer available

Crime for all ages

Sep 4, 2012 - 11:40 pm

Crime isn’t the sole bastion of the young and stupid. Sometimes even senior citizens commit crimes. Recently an eighty-two year old was arrested for allegedly burglarizing several medical offices. Her identity was apparently confirmed through security camera footage. The alleged elderly criminal has a rap sheet that goes back over 50 years.

Gamble, who has also gone by the name Doris Thompson, has a 21-page rap sheet dating back to 1955, according to the Daily Breeze newspaper.

What I take away Is that you can never be too careful. Screen everyone, regardless of age, gender,or background. You’ll be doing yourself a favor

Hillsborough Fl courthouse to be closed during RNC

Aug 24, 2012 - 2:57 pm

The Hillsborough County Center and the Hillsborough Courthouse in downtown Tampa are shutting down for the Republican National Convention. Some officials are saying that parts of the courthouse will be open. Expect delays for all county criminal and county civil lawsuit search results.

Motor Vehicle Records and more for DOT

Aug 26, 2011 - 12:08 pm

Corra Group announced on Tuesday expanding DOT services for trucking and transportation firms, to include motor vehicle records in all 50 states, and additional health related background check services, includes expanded Drug testing capabilities for DOT, DOT physical exams, and DOT employment verifications.  New technology allows trucking firms to now submit batch orders of motor vehicle record to meet annual and quarterly compliance.

You can read full text of the announcement here: Corra Group Expands its DOT Compliance Background Checks for Trucking Industry.


Corra Group offering full service DOT background check services

Dec 8, 2010 - 5:22 pm

Corra Group, a Los Angeles based background screening firm, issued a press release yesterday announcing full service DOT background checks, to assist trucking and transportation firms handle their Department of Transportation compliance requirements under .  Trucking firms regulated by the DOT can fall under many Agencies, including the FMCSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA, USCG, and NHTSA and each have some separate requirements.  Firms are required to contact random drug testing on their drivers af various intervals.  Corra Group helps truckers manage their pool of eligible drivers for random drug testing and assists with assigning drug testing collection sites.  Results are returned electronically to the client.  

Truckers are also expected to conduct more thorough employment verification for new hires (pre-employment screening) in positions that are regulated by the DOT for past DOT positions. DOT employment verifications include some additional questions about accident history and as well and drug abuse and counseling questions.  Corra Group assists employers with meeting this additional requirement; they have a staff well versed in the DOT regulations and additional forms and documents available to help employers meet compliance.

Contact Corra Group today to discuss your DOT background screening requirements including Driving Records (MVRs), DOT Drug testing, random pool maintenance, DOT Physicals, and DOT employment verifications.

New DOT Drug test regimen goes into effect

Oct 25, 2010 - 6:02 am

The Department of Transportation has enacted changes to the DOT compliance drug test regimen effective October 1st, 2010.  While the drug test is still a 5 panel regimen, it will include new testing for HDMA (Esctasy) and lower cut off levels for amphetamines and cocaine.    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that as much as 10 percent additional users of cocaine and amphetamines will be identified with the lower testing amounts.

The DOT drug test will continue to test for following 5-panels Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP).   To the amphetamines group, the DOT is adding initial testing for MDMA (Ecstasy) and confirmatory testing for MDMA, MDA, & MDEA.

It should be interesting to see what happens across the transportation industry due to the lower result levels for amphetamines.  While the new drug Ecstasy might not be a drug of choice among drivers, the allure of using amphetamines to help keep going on a long haul is much more industry relevant.

Need to establish a DOT-drug testing program?  Contact Corra Group, a nationwide provider of DOT drug testing compliance programs, including DOT employment verifications, DOT Physical exams, and random drug testing management.

Using pre-adverse and adverse action letters

Oct 12, 2010 - 6:44 pm

If you’re new to running background checks on you prospective employees, it’s important to read and understand your obligations as an employer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which is designed to promote fairness, privacy and accuracy of information in background check consumer reports and investigative consumer reports. 

Should you decide that the results of the background check maybe play a roll in your decision not to hire, promote and maintain employment of a subject (an adverse action) then you must clearly notify the subject of your intentions and give them an opportunity to contest the results of the background check.  This is called an Pre-Adverse Action and it needs to be sent to the applicant with a copy of the background check.  

After a reasonable period of time, and the applicant has not contested the background check, you can conduct the adverse action (not hire, promote or maintain employment) and then you must send them an “Adverse Action Letter”  announcing you have made your decision and provide them with a copy of a document called “A summary of your rights under the FCRA”.

If you need more information about your obligations under the FCRA as an employer, please contact Corra Group at 310.822.7788.

Come clean about your background

Aug 30, 2010 - 5:02 pm

As an employed professional, recruiters may be actively seeking you out, calling your work phone or trying to contact you on LinkedIn. Ex-colleagues want your recommendation and hope you can forward their resume to HR, and new graduates at your Alma mater are looking for informational interviews. You’re a valuable hub in someone else’s network.

Then you got laid off. Down-sized. The recruiters aren’t calling any more, and now you are asking for help. The trouble is that employers have an uncanny ability to smell your desperation. Changing jobs when your employed is all about a power play; higher salary, better benefits, work-life- balance, what can you do for me? You’re a mercenary, and your smiling the whole time. But looking for a job when your out of work is a desperate play. It’s a survival.

The hard part is trying to maintain that swagger, that game face during the interviews and the rest of the hiring process. You may be tempted to claim you are still employed. Yeah, you only got laid off last week, perhaps you can still submit that resume with “2006 to current” for your last job. The thing is, employers will uncover the truth during a background check. It’s better to be truthful upfront and avoid any exaggerations, especially easily verifiable ones. Exaggerating your sales numbers might be easily concealed, and only discovered during a reference call with your former boss, but your employment status is easily checked with Human Resources. Be smart, and be honest. You can get that job, just get because of your merits, your real skills.

Hawaii Raising Fees on Motor Vehicle Record Background Checks

Jun 22, 2010 - 11:44 am

Just when we thought it was safe to get back in the water, Hawaii has opted to raise the fees charged for accessing Hawaii driving records.   Hawaii is choosing to raise DMV fees from $10.00 to a whopping $23 per record.   Hawaii’s government financial problems are well known, and this fee hike is yet another measure to balance the state budget.  The fiscal problems are severe,  unfortunately this fee hike will be paid by businesses, especially transportation companies that are working to rebuild the economy.   While raising state coffers, the long term ill-affects of this huge fee hike could be yet another blow to Hawaii’s already tarnished ‘business friendly’ image.  

Employers, especially trucking and transportation firms rely heavily on CDL and non-CDL motor vehicle record reportsto screen potential drivers and current employees for safe driving habits.  Motor Vehicle Records are necessary for compliance with Department of Transportation Regulations, and help employers maintain an ongoing fleet screening program.   Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) provide license status, license type (CDL, non-commercial, etc) accident and collision history, moving violations, medical restrictions, and any actions taken by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Corra Group provides your firm with a complete series of background checks and services, including motor vehicle records, criminal records, education verifications, as well as industry updates to keep you informed.

Arizona raising fees on Motor Vehicle Records

Apr 22, 2010 - 3:17 pm

It’s happening again. The recession is taking another bite out of the trucking and transportation industry, in the form of raised state fees for motor vehicle records (MVRs) used by transportation firms to comply with federal regulations, obtain insurance, as well as monitoring their fleet and workforce. The State of Arizona is the next in line to raise DMV fees for accessing driver records. Effective May 1st, 2010 the fee for non-certified records increases from $4.25 to $6.00 and for the Certified Record the fee increases from $6.25 to $8.00.

Stay on top of your costs with Corra Group’s Background Check suite of services, includes motor vehicle records. Corra also offers recurring screening and random sampling tools, to assist with your annual compliance requirements. Contact them today at or call (310) 822-7788.

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