Alabama offering Statewide Criminal Background Checks

By | Jul 23, 2008

The State of Alabama is now offering employers Alabama statewide criminal record search for $25.00.  These searches can be ordered directly from their Alabama website or, if you use a third party background check provider, like Corra Background Checks, you allow them to access the criminal record information on your behalf. ABC system reports include felony […]

Nova Scotia Nurses union unhappy with criminal background check plan

By | Jul 21, 2008

The College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia will start requiring all prospective Nurses to conduct a $30 Canadian Criminal background check. The must pay for the background check themselves.  An honor system is currently inplace and all nurses must report any criminal offeneses on their annual renewal.  The college executive director thinks that requiring […]

I’m your ice cream man background check me when I’m passing by

By | Jul 2, 2008

Seems like background checks are on everyone’s minds these days, especially when we consider the potential harm to our children.  It doesn’t take much for people to think this way, just a few scandals involving a school bus driver, a teacher, or even an ice cream man.  Make sure your business isn’t the one caught in […]

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