Questions arise about background checks on airline workers

By | Jul 20, 2009

With the recent Air France airline crashes in the news, and the very publicized damage to a Southwest Airlines Flight recorded on cell phone camera, the scrutiny is returning to the ground, including how background checks are conducted on ground workers in avionics and airplane maintenance.   An Article in WFAA in Texas, discusses the troubling […]

How run a background check on potential executives

By | Jul 15, 2009

Hiring a new executive today can be a frustrating and expensive enterprise. You want to attract and retain top management talent, but in this recession you might be hindered by a shrinking personnel budget and bewildered by the flood of seemingly qualified candidates’ resumes.    Using a recruiter can assist in your pursuit of a qualified candidate but […]

125 unemployed human-resource professionals share support

By | Jul 13, 2009

Philadephia Business Today reported that the Philadelphia Human Resource Planning Society sponsored a seminar for laid-off human resource professionals.   The seminar was attended by more that 125 unemployed professionals who learned new tips and tricks from five panelists including Glenn Sward, head of recruiting for the Americas at SAP America, Inc.   Sward provided a wealth […]

Going Whole Hogg $8.6 Million Verdict in Wild Pig Accident

By | Jul 2, 2009

A  jury recently awarded $8.6 Million to a Monterey County motorcyclist who was severely injured after striking a wild pig.  The jury found that State highway officials were responsible for the Plaintiff’s injuries.  They ruled that the officials ignored evidence that a stretch of highway was dangerous because wild pigs were crossing it and the State […]

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