School Districts Failing to background check bus drivers

By | Jun 27, 2008

Are you children riding the bus to school in Missouri? A Missouri State auditor said that school bus driving companies are not always meeting the requirement for background checks and drug testing for school bus drivers and aides.   The bus companies are apparently responsible for coordinating the background checks.   Read the full article here: If you […]

Hot for Teacher – background checks, that is

By | Jun 25, 2008

The Austin American-Statesman wants the results of background checks conducted by the Austin School Board, but the school board and the The Association of Texas Professional Educators doesn’t want to give it to them.  The District Attorney apparently ruled that “part of the information was not exempt from the public information laws.”    Now the association […]

Church Accountant steals $200,000 from her own place of worship

By | Jun 19, 2008

In a shocking case in Torrance Superior Court, a church accountant embezzled approximately $200,000 from her employer, Church of the Beach Cities.   She plead no contest to one count of embezzlement and was sentenced to two years in prison.  She had been attending the church for approximately six years. In addition to her position as office manager, […]

Why you should run motor vehicle records on your employees

By | Jun 19, 2008

Corra Daily Planet has a great article on the reasons for running a motor vehicle driving record (MVR Search) on your prospective employees and your current employees. The fact is the Motor Vehicle Driving Records can tell you much more than just how your candidate is driving. This search can define behavior patterns and even […]

Background Checks & College Football : scoring a hit

By | Jun 17, 2008

South Carolina Gamecocks have begun running detailed background checks on all their pending coaches, administrators, and employees in response to recent probation by the NCAA.  As we see in the sporting world, when you score a hit on your background checks, you protect your company and organization from a negligent hiring lawsuit and you play zone defense by preventing any negative press […]

FBI Background Check System overloaded

By | Jun 10, 2008

The FBI is facing a technology crisis with new requests for background checks: The Justice Department’s inspector general concluded that the FBI’s National Name Check Program is working with outdated technology, and that poorly trained personnel and overworked supervisors are falling far behind. The name-check program and its FBI fingerprint database are the largest in […]

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