Canada Criminal Records searches for pre-employment screening

By | Nov 30, 2009

Since the Ryan Jenkins Murder affair, there’s been much attention to the nuts and bolts of conducting background checks on job candidates from Canada.  How are they conducted?  Are they reliable? Can we trust the data we are receiving? Can we trust our vendor to oursource our background checks to an international researcher?  Can we trust the […]

Pensacola naval air station conducting background checks on cabbies

By | Nov 1, 2009

Pensacola naval air station is conducting background checks on local cabbies who pick up and drip military personnel from the air station. The cabbies are not happy about. According to a news article, approx 3 percent of cabbies have been denied due to felony criminal records, active warrants,sex offenses, or another nebulous category that seems […]

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